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Human Development,

NB HEART customizes every Human Development Project to suit different organizations’ needs, leadership profiles, levels of engagement and maturity.

An individual and/or team development process is designed to help individuals and teams achieve their best measurable performance, according to the needs of both individuals and the organization.

We work hand in hand with clients in the stages of diagnosis, scenario breakdown, project planning and design, leadership development and monitoring.

We also have a network of business partners and experts who can collaborate with us to expand our capacity to generate knowledge across all organizational levels and direct it towards company needs.

NB HEART’s methodology is aimed at developing leaders and teams by focusing on current, deep and transformative topics, such as Self-knowledge, Accountability, Trust, Change and Transition, Vulnerability and Courage, among others, always with a challenging approach while encouraging thoughtful conversations and discussions to unleash people’s best selves for a positive impact on their relationships and interactions, thus contributing to enhance engagement and improve results.