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Our paths of solutions for people and companies

At NB HEART we investigate, diagnose, plan and, above all, put into action.

In a unique and genuine way, at NB HEART we investigate, diagnose, plan and, above all, put into action strategic plans aimed at organizational culture and leadership development. Our guiding principles lie in the realm of improving self-awareness to expand consciousness, driving leaders and employees to deliver their best potential.

With tailor-made consulting, we work hand in hand with our clients to choose the best tools and content to suit every corporate culture and needs.

NB HEART has built a Human Development platform to better serve its clients, which includes business partners that are aligned with our purpose and principles.

Our Human Development Platform enables transforming organizational culture and aligning the purposes of individuals, leaders, organizations, groups and communities.


NB HEART customizes every Human Development Project to suit different organization’s needs, leadership profiles, levels of engagement and maturity.

We work hand in hand with clients in the stages of diagnosis, scenario breakdown, project planning and design, leadership development and monitoring. We also have a network of business partners and specialists that can collaborate with us to expand our capacity to generate knowledge across all organization levels and direct it towards company needs.

NB HEART’s deliverables include workshops on organizational culture and transformation, roundtables, leadership development and mentoring programs, as well as motivational speeches, with either in-person or online sessions.


Behavior is an NB HEART business partner that specializes in qualitative research on culture and human relations. Upon NB HEART’s request, behavior has developed unique and tailor-made surveys that have become a key part of our diagnosis process: Corporate Essence and Corporate Ethos.

Nélio Bilate is an accredited Barrett Values Centre consultant and coach. One of the tools we use to assess organizational culture is the internationally recognized Barrett Model.

Some of the clients that are part
of our recent history include: