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Motivational Talks,

Challenging times require a new way of thinking, new attitudes and behaviors. But genuine transformation will only happen when a different way of feeling and acting towards change becomes deeply engrained into the ethos of the organization.

Bearing in mind that transformations require a systematic approach to change – especially in uncertain times –, Nélio Bilate raises the awareness of organizational audiences towards the efforts to develop a truly collaborative culture with a shared sense of unity and ambition for a sustainable business. By creating a shared sense of ownership surrounding the organization’s sustainable success, we can help unleash individuals’ potential and strengths through human capital alignment. As a result, NB HEART contributes to the necessary transformation based on its inherent values: accomplishment, fairness, ethics and joy.

In line with the organization’s needs brought to light after deep discussions with clients, Nélio’s keynotes deliver impactful and inspiring content based on consistent sources and his successful experience holding senior executive positions in major global organizations across different continents.

Suggested speaking topics include:

  • New Era Values: In a world of instability with fast-paced social and technological changes, what does it really matter? In his “New Era Values” speech, Nélio highlights the main trends, as well as the power of connections and self-knowledge by challenging the audience to think of what we can do to take it to the next level and bring prosperity to the organization, the different stakeholders and ourselves.
  • Mental health: How are we dealing with our mental health, with alarming behavior trends even before the pandemic? Caring, connecting and building strategies to deal with people’s needs and feelings have – more than ever – become vital for organizations.
  • Solidarity: As Lawrence Wilde said “Solidarity is the feeling of reciprocal sympathy and responsibility among members of a group which promotes mutual support”. Exploring observation, empathy, compassion and attitude, Nélio encourages deep reflections in a lighter and more human way on how to improve our bare attention to make our surroundings better, for the benefit of the organization and the individual.
  • Courage and vulnerability: This is about recognizing the virtues of Courage and Trust as driving forces of Vulnerability. Challenged by Brené Brown’s inspiring work, participants are encouraged to think differently, recognize their own limitations, and break out of their comfort zone to expand their consciousness and enhance courage.
  • Purpose: Deeply rooted into Nélio Bilate’s own perspective and experience gathered while working with different corporate and social cultures, Purpose is the main topic of his YouTube channel – Purposes by Nélio Bilate –, which was created with a strong desire to change and evolve based on self-development, self-consciousness and self-motivation while searching for a meaningful life. It is about individuals playing a leading role in their self-development while contributing to the business development and sustainability and ultimately having a positive impact on the community and the world.